Gateway Data Logging
Gateway Data Logging

McNamara Electrical & Data Services Introduction

Data Logger Wireless Technology


What sets our communication device apart is the software designed and programmed to work with data loggers (such as Epitomy used at Jemena*). It can retrieve and write information remotely on to the data loggers for the purpose of;

     - providing billing information from water or gas meters,

     - detecting faults and troubleshooting,

     - and general configuration setup.

All this is achieved via a web interface from any enabled internet device.


  • Our product uses 3G or ADSL connectivity for remote access as well as Zigbee or RF433Mhz connectivity for onsite connection to wireless enabled water or gas meters or if required daisy chained Gateway and Repeaters in places where there is no 3G or ADSL connectivity such as underground car parks.

  • Dramatic cost advantages by eliminating existing dial up costs and phone line rental.

  • Easy to use web based navigation and the ability to restrict login access to engineers for troubleshooting and billing access for meter reading.

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